Forwarding and transportation company "MICHEL"

The company was registered as a private trucking company in Riga, Latvia, in 2001. Throughout the years MICHEL collaborates with the largest broker companies of St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as with the largest trading companies all over Russia.

Since then MICHEL has been constantly upgrading its services for purpose to meet the last customer requirements and orders. Thus, MICHEL offers its customers a full range of custom services as well as a complete line of transportation and logistics services, such as:

MICHEL is proud of its stable reputation among its partners, providing its customers with service free of risk. Compare us to our competitors and you will see the difference. We stake our reputation on assurance of our clients that they are always in safe hands with MICHEL. MICHEL has a subsidiary company SA TRANS with working experience more than 16 years. SA TRANS is a member of Latvian road carriers association “Latvijas Auto”. Company SA TRANS owns 8 new EURO 5 trucks and offers its clients a full range of cargo transportations.

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